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Intoxication at Charlemagne High School

It’s been 2 months since we have been studying at the elementary grounds of our
school. You’ll ask me why? I will tell you that it’s because we were intoxicated. The week of
the 3 rd October, the school was disinfected for mosquitos and others insects; it’s usually
done each month. But that month, the year of our graduation of course, something didn’t go
as it should have. When we got to school, on Monday, a lot of us were getting unusual
symptoms such as headaches, and our eyes burning and itching. Some of us even
experienced weird swellings on their skin. We kept going to school but Tuesday was even
worse. We ended up closing the school Wednesday to clean and purify the classrooms but as
you may know, it didn’t change anything. Thursday felt like a nightmare. More than 60
students were registered at the nurse. Fatima Chouaib, a student in terminale A spent the
whole afternoon there. She got all of those symptoms which were getting worse as the time
was passing. There is also Rémy Guastadini, a student in terminale B that also spent his day
in the nurse because he too started having weird symptoms, there were a lot of other
students like Coumba, Sefora, Dylan, Emery… Indeed, they closed the school Friday because
it was too much. You see how things are changing very quickly ? The graduating class
couldn’t have been home schooled for too long so the administration decided to put us at
the primary site from Tuesday 12 of October till the holidays. At first, the cohabitation with
the little ones was okay but day by day, we were getting more and more restrictions. At first,
we couldn’t take pictures of them, which is totally fine because it’s their faces and people’s
children so it’s normal. But then, stuff was getting weird. One time the same student which
experienced the plaques asked for some papers for a job at the administration office and
they had the nerve to shout “What else” as if we were happy to bother them. We didn’t ask
to be there and even if some of us are childish and play with the little ones or on their
playground by getting on the slide, it doesn’t make us a danger for them. We didn’t have the
right to eat in front of them neither to play with them. We tolerated it because we thought
that after the holidays, it will be over. That was a dream but we are in a true nightmare. We
got back to school on November the 4th, it was approximately 1 month after what
happened. On Monday morning, one time again, it’s Fatima Chouaib who complained to her
HLP teacher that she was getting itchy but we didn’t bother and continued the course and
other students felt weird and nauseous. Then, 1 hour later; it was 9:16 am; the principal rang

an alarm. The school was again closed. It wasn’t safe for us to keep working and to be there.
As usual, the graduating grade had to go back to the primary site the day after. It felt like a
prank or a movie, a bad one of course. 1 or 2 weeks after, all of the classes who have to pass
exams at the end of the year had to come there and as you may guess, things weren’t
getting better. We had so many restrictions. They even put us in a small space, far away
from the children because they think we can hurt them or even worse, we could
contaminate them with the products from our school. We look like livestock at each break.
The Seconde came 1 week after the others. Now, it’s the middle school students who are
home schooled and our administration is trying to find a solution for them. They thought of
renting some places or change our whole timetable so that they could come to the primary
site. So, as you can see the situation isn’t in evolving and we don’t know for how long it will
be because we have to wait for the test results from France. It’s very complicated. We hope
that after the Christmas holidays, we could go back to school.
Now, let’s hear what the students and teachers think about that.
- Some teachers are saying that it’s a really complicated situation for them and also for
the students because they are late on their programs and are also in a lot of
difficulties since they can’t stay focused from home.
- Other teachers say that what happened is sad and there is no worse situation for the
school because it’s something that normally doesn’t happen, but it did.
- One teacher said that it’s a really complicated situation, that the origin of the “crises”
is that a company didn’t correctly do their job and that is the problem. They used
unknown products and it’s been 2 months and we still don’t know what these
products are. He also said that a lot of people have a lot of sanitary questions, they
want to know what we have been exposed to exactly, what will be the solution and
also the health effects. The second important thing is the education because now it’s
becoming really complicated, how will it be organized.
- Some students said that it’s really bothering them because they have classes then
they don’t and the little ones don’t have any and it’s really complicated for them.
Something more is the cohabitation that is also really hard because in this school
they treat us like if we were going to kill the kids. So yes, the situation is really bad.

The Mikate’s blog

Yessss!!! We did it, we made a song. Even though it took a while we finally did it. We first started by drawing the main themes of our song between various topics (for example: LOVE; DEPRESSION; HEARTBREAK; MEN ARE TRASH; WOMEN ARE CHEATERS; etc, etc, …) The lucky winners however were HEARTBREAK and DEPRESSION. Later on, we were each given jobs. Aditya would be the one in charge of the beat and back ground music, Fatima and Gary were the singers, Yara was the background singer and finally Remy and Victoire are in charge of a little surprise for our viewers. Before we started the actual song, we got together and decided on a few lines like: “Men are trash”, “Women are trash”, “Love is Depression”, “Love is bad” and finally “Money over Love”. Now let’s see what the people in charge did during their time:

Aditya: “We listened to different genres of songs and decided to make it a Lo-Fi beat and used sometime to adapt it to our needs”

Gary: “When it comes to musical inspiration, writing about sadness is probably one of the easiest things since everyone can relate to it, everyone has had a sad moment in their lives, everyone has had a heartbreak and so it’s very easy to find inspiration. However, on top of that you add fictional things to make it sound deeper and sound more heartbroken.”

Victoire: “The sound recording was a little harder than expected but we managed to get it done and cannot wait to un-veil the surprise in store for our viewers”.

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